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We weren’t kidding when we said we are your dog’s ambassadors. Our team was created out of pure love for dogs and we are committed to making your life as a dog parent easier.

It is our job to test and report on all kinds of dog products to help you save time and eliminate the hassle and stress of going through every single product to find what’s best for you and your little pooch.

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We provide transparent and comprehensive reviews to our readers

DogEmbassy strives to be the most trusted partner for dog parents in providing reliable recommendations for dog products on the internet. We follow a rigorous testing process and report on thousands of items to provide well-researched information to our readers. We’re here to help you save time, energy, and resources, as well as eliminate the stress of shopping for dog food, treats, toys, accessories, or any gear for your beloved fur ball. We make sure that nothing appears on the site as a recommendation unless our team has deemed it the best through our testing process.

Our Rigorous Testing Process

dog breed research

Thorough research of specific dog breeds, characteristics, nutritional requirements, health concerns, common allergies.

on dog products

Evaluation of individual dog food, supplements, toys, accessories, gears, and other items featured in our review articles.

customer feedback

Assessment of top and most reviewed products, making note of what customers have to say about their experience with each product


Hours of testing and examining products, comparing the quality of individual items for every brand and product category.

While we prefer to focus on great quality dog products, we don’t only stick to the top-of-the-range products. We believe in catering for everyone. In every review, we aim to show you the products that would suit most dogs

Extensive Dog Breed Research

We don’t just choose what looks great. In fact, it can take a couple of weeks for us to get our research done and our reviews written, because we’re committed to providing real-life, unbiased information. 

When we review products, we do extensive research on specific breeds and all their quirks. We make an effort to reach out to dog owners who have experience with those breeds so we can bring you accurate information.

Market Research On Dog Products

With thousands of available products on the market, it’s almost impossible to go through all of the available options for your dog’s needs. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to gather data and analysis from the best sources so you won’t have to.

Customer Feedback

We try our best to tell the whole story. While we believe in testing things ourselves, we also take into account other people’s experiences, be it our friends and family or reviewers online. 

Product Testing

We don’t get sponsored for these products, but we do go out of our way to find them and test them! 

We’ve taken home cups of kibble from our friends. Some of us have taken a squeeze of dog shampoo in a bottle home with us after visiting family. One of us (we won’t mention who) even found a chewed Kong toy in the park, took it home and disinfected it, and let their Pitbull have it. 

But we also buy our own products. If we recommend it, you know that our own dogs have tried it and reported back on how they liked it (in the form of happy noises, tail wags, and general excitement). 

DogEmbassy has been providing transparent and comprehensive dog product reviews since 2019. Our team has captured the attention of major companies like Radisson Red and has been featured in large online publications such as Tough Mudder, DOGTV, and more!

And the best part is, WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED!

We don’t get paid to review these products. We do it out of love for the fluffs! But if you buy through one of our links, we do get a small commission. 

Whether you’re a new dog parent or a seasoned, many-breed owner, here at DogEmbassy we aim to provide valuable information. Skim through for a quick insight into what would be best for your dog, or take a few minutes to read through in more detail if you have the time.

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