The Top 10 Best Dog Food For Pitbulls (2020)

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These stocky pooches are one of the most misunderstood breeds out there. 

All the pups in the Pitbull variety are tough-looking fellows, but underneath all that muscle is a heart full of love and goofiness. 

Although they are often used as police canines and guard dogs due to their intimidating build, in a family environment they can be big babies who love to cuddle and bond with their humans. 

Take some time to compare and choose the best dog food for Pitbulls so you’re sure your Pitty is being well-nourished to sustain that muscle. 

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10 Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

Canidae PURE Real Range

Premium Option

Overall Rating93%
Ingredient Quality95%
Protein Content95%
Joint Supplements95%


  • Various recipes available, making it super easy to avoid problem ingredients 
  • Limited ingredient – each formula contains 10 or fewer ingredients 
  • No corn, wheat, soy, or artificial stuff 
  • Added probiotics and antioxidants for an extra health boost 


  • Slightly pricey 

The PURE range from Canidae hits our top spot, and for good reason. Number one is the superior quality of what goes into these recipes – 10 or fewer wholesome, real food ingredients that promote good health and a strong immune system.

For dogs such as Pitbulls who suffer from allergies, the variety of flavours is a wonderful thing. No matter what specific ingredient your Pit is allergic to, you’ll find more than one option here that completely avoids it, allowing your pooch to eat a great, healthy meal and have a couple of flavour options. 

In addition to the amazing flavour variety, this kibble is packed full of nutrition and hits all the right numbers for a Pitbull. 

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Recipe Range   

Your pup will be spoilt for choice if you select Canidae PURE as their meal. The flavours include lamb, goat & venison, chicken, bison, wild boar, duck, lamb, and salmon, as well having options for puppies, seniors, and a healthy weight formula. 

For dogs such as Pitbulls, who tend to suffer from food allergies, such a range of recipes provides huge value. No matter what ingredients your pooch may have trouble with, it’s easy as anything to avoid those and still have a few different flavour options. 

Nutritional Value 

The recipes also differ in nutritional value, although they are all fantastic quality. Two of them are on the lower end of the protein spectrum, coming in at 25% (wild boar and bison), and three hit the high of 32% (salmon, lamb, and duck), with the others sitting somewhere in between. 

The fat counts range from 14 to 19%, which would suit most Pitbulls quite well. Every flavour has high levels of Omegas which will benefit your Pitbull by keeping their coat and skin soft and supple, as well as decent levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to help those joints support their muscular bodies. 

Acana Singles Range

Best Limited Ingredient

Overall Rating92%
Ingredient Quality95%
Protein Content95%
Joint Supplements95%


  • A variety of nutritious flavours means there’s something for every dog 
  • Grain-free and perfect for dogs with allergies 
  • Contains DHA, EPA, and glucosamine 
  • Biologically appropriate nutrition with botanical inclusions for extra health benefits 


  • Pricey option

When it comes to limited ingredient dog foods, Acana is one of the best we’ve found. Not only is the recipe range amazing for dogs with allergies, the nutrient values are super and will power a Pitbull through his or her day with ease. 

They’re full of great ingredients, supplements for joints, skin, and coat, and also contain brain and eye supplements. You won’t find a more well-rounded limited ingredient out there.

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Benefits Of Limited Ingredient 

Pitbulls are notorious for their sensitive stomachs, and an easy way to combat that is to put your pooch on a diet that reduces the chances of allergies. A limited ingredient diet is perfect for dogs that are prone to allergies – it uses just a few ingredients, avoids most of the common allergens, artificial stuff, and grains. 

The great thing about a limited ingredient food such as Acana, is that while it’s less in terms of ingredients, it’s big on nutrition. Each flavour contains 31% protein and 17% fat, as well as DHA and EPA (unusual in an adult food but great to see), and glucosamine and chondroitin. 

Unusual Range Of Flavour Options  

Limited ingredient diets often are also limited in terms of flavours, but that’s not the case here. You (or your pup) can choose from beef & pumpkin, turkey & greens, duck & pear, pork & squash, and lamb & apple. 

Each contains a single protein source and a few well-selected vegetables. If your pup is allergic to anything specific, it’s quite simple to avoid that ingredient while still providing your pup a couple of flavour options.

Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Senior Recipe Dry Dog Food

Best For Pitbull Seniors

Overall Rating91%
Ingredient Quality95%
Protein Content95%
Joint Supplements90%


  • Avoids chicken and beef, which is great for pups who have allergies or suffer from hypothyroidism 
  • Lower in fat for less active, older Pitbulls, but retains a high protein count to maintain muscle 
  • Contains good levels of joint supplements for aging joints 
  • Contains L-carnitine, which is helpful for energy regulation and metabolism


  • Doesn’t contain DHA, which many senior foods do 
  • Slightly pricey 

Choosing an appropriate food for your senior can be tough. This one, though, will keep your senior’s taste buds, muscles, and joints happy.

It’s generally accepted that as dogs age, they become less active, so the fat count has been lowered to avoid energy wastage (which will just lead to weight gain). The protein count remains high, though, which is super to help maintain the muscle they already have.

Dog’s tummies can also become more sensitive as they age, even more so for Pitbulls who are naturally disposed towards allergies. This food is grain-free and also avoids chicken and beef, which are common allergens, making it super for older pups as it’s not only tasty turkey flavour, but it’s easy on the tummy too. 

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Health-Promoting Ingredients 

Deboned trout, turkey meal, salmon meal, and turkey make up the protein count here, which is fantastic for both Pits with allergies and Pits with hypothyroidism. 

The carbs come in the form of peas, sweet potato, lentils, dried carrots, dried apples, and dried blueberries. These provide great sustained energy while also adding a dash of antioxidants. The drying of the vegetables also helps preserve them without compromising the nutritional value. 

Senior-Specific Supplements  

In addition to the lower fat count (12%), high protein content (30%), and super quality ingredient list, you’ll find glucosamine and chondroitin to keep aging joints tough and supportive, L-carnitine for metabolism and energy regulation, and great levels of Omega fatty acids to keep their coat and skin as youthful as possible.

Earthborn Holistic Venture Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Best Without Glucosamine

Overall Rating89%
Ingredient Quality90%
Protein Content90%


  • Lovely range of unique flavours, none of which contain chicken or beef 
  • Gluten-free, grain-free, egg-free, potato-free – great for allergies 
  • All flavours contain great levels of Omegas to keep your pup’s coat and skin health 
  • A variety of protein and fat levels, something to suit every dog


  • Uses only meat meal, not whole meat 

As much as we highly recommend feeding your Pitbull a food that contains this joint-fortifying Omega fatty acid, it may be that you already have a favourite glucosamine supplement, or you’ve been told by a vet that it’s not a great idea.

Whatever your reason for wanting a food that doesn’t contain glucosamine, this one is a high-quality, all-natural option that contains only the good stuff.

You can also choose from a bunch of interesting and unique flavours, such as duck, pollock, rabbit, and squid.

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Nutritional Values 

The nutrient values vary by protein source, ranging from pollock (26% protein) to squid (34% protein). The fat counts are pretty similar across the board, and each contains leading levels of Omega fatty acids. 

They’re also all fairly low in calories compared to others. The only thing that may (or may not) be considered a disadvantage is the fact that there’s no whole meat sources in any of these flavours (except for squid) – only meat meal, which is not inherently a bad thing but real meat always wins. 

Benefits Of Flavour Range  

It is unusual for a great quality food to have such a wide variety of flavours, but it’s awesome to see. Although most pups eat the same stuff every day without complaint, they can get bored just like humans do, so a range of flavours is super, especially for picky eaters. 

It’s also amazing for allergy-prone dogs, as they can easily avoid flavours that contain ingredients that they’re sensitive to while still having a choice.

Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Food

Best For Pitbull Puppies

Overall Rating89%
Ingredient Quality90%
Protein Content90%
Joint Supplements90%


  • Chicken and beef flavours, to allow for avoidance of problem proteins 
  • Great protein and fat counts for puppies 
  • Contains DHA and joint supplements 
  • Filled with natural stuff and free from anything artificial


  • Slightly pricey 
  • Some pups may have a problem with potatoes (beef flavour)

Pitbull puppies need slightly different nutrients to adults, and this food hits the numbers just right. It’s still high in protein, but not so high that it could be a problem, and the calcium/phosphorus ratio is great to help puppies’ bones develop at the right pace.

This kibble is right at the optimal protein and fat levels, and contains all the supplements a growing puppy needs, for both brain and eye development, bone growth, and muscle development. 

It’s also available in both chicken and beef flavours, so if your little one is sensitive to either one, it can be avoided.

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Ingredient Quality 

It’s so important to feed puppies the right stuff from the beginning, and this food starts them off the right way. The ingredient list for both flavours is packed with wholesome, real food stuff, including whole proteins that are rich in amino acids, slow-burning vegetables for sustained energy, and fruits that contain vitamins and antioxidants. 

For puppies who may already be showing signs of allergies, they offer a chicken flavour (which allows for avoiding beef) and a beef flavour (which contain no poultry products). It’s unusual for puppy foods to offer different flavours, so that’s a big bonus. 

Optimal Growth For Puppies 

The calcium/phosphorus ratio is right on point for perfect bone growth, and the protein count is where it should be to allow the muscles to grow at the same pace and not put pressure on the bones. The joints are also going to get some nice support in the form of glucosamine and chondroitin, which is great from a young age. 

There’s also the essential puppy-Omega, DHA, which does wonders for brain and eye growth and development.

Diamond Naturals Adult Real Meat Recipe

Best Value For Money

Overall Rating88%
Ingredient Quality85%
Protein Content85%
Joint Supplements90%


  • Affordable but premium quality 
  • Contains added vitamins as well as Omegas to keep your pup’s exposed skin nourished and healthy 
  • Contains some superfood carb ingredients, including kelp which helps prevent or manage hypothyroidism (which is common in Pitties) 
  • One of the lower calorie foods around 


  • Might be slightly less protein than some dogs would need 
  • Contains only meat meal, no whole meat sources

Budget-conscious Pitbull parents, look no further. Diamond Naturals is a high-quality but supremely well-priced brand, and this recipe would suit most Pitbulls very well. It contains only one protein source, a host of nutritious superfoods, and although it contains grains, they’re the healthy, easily digestible kind that provide a nice shot of energy.

It also contains all of the extras needed to maintain a Pitbulls health and fitness, which is unusual for a cheaper food. Joint-fortifying supplements, great Omegas, added vitamins, and chelated minerals to make the whole digestion process go by more smoothly. 

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Nutritional Value 

Although this food is seriously well-priced, in terms of nutrition it is right up there with the top priced options. It may not contain real meat (but meat meal instead), but that makes little difference when it comes to the actual value of the nutrients. 

You’ll find a protein count of 25%, which is a little lower than most here but should be perfectly sufficient for your Pitty (and if they need more, there are plenty of high-protein treats out there!). 15% fat is a great number, and the Omegas are also pretty amazing considering the price. 

Another thing that doesn’t often pop up in the lower-priced foods is the presence of glucosamine and chondroitin, which this food contains in a decent amount, making it a really fantastic option for Pitbull parents on a budget. 

Superfoods & Their Advantages 

Ingredients such as kale, chia seeds, blueberries, quinoa, and kelp add things that other foods just can’t. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are abundant in these kinds of fruits and vegetables, which are fantastic additions to a dog’s diet. 

Kelp is also a great ingredient for Pitbulls as it stimulates the thyroid, which helps ether prevent or manage hypothyroidism.

Wellness Core RawRev Healthy Weight Formula

Best For Weight Management

Overall Rating88%
Ingredient Quality90%
Protein Content90%
Joint Supplements90%


  • Loaded with whole food, health-packed ingredients 
  • Contains raw meat bits for added protein, taste, and texture 
  • Lower in fat for helping to maintain or lower weight 
  • Also a great option for transitioning to a raw diet


  • Not suitable for pups sensitive to chicken 
  • Slightly expensive 

If Pitbulls are on the less active side, they can start to put on weight quite easily. Since the fat content in a dog food is what provides the quickly metabolisable energy, if your pet isn’t using all that fat it makes sense that a lower fat count would be a better idea, which is exactly what this food does. 

It’s still high in protein to maintain what muscle mass your Pitty has, as well as containing all the good stuff – Omegas, joint supps, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

The quality of the ingredient list is fantastic, with a bunch of premium proteins, and antioxidant-rich veggies and fruits. It’s also sprinkled with freeze-dried raw bits of turkey, for some extra protein.

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Weight Management  

Pitbulls are naturally stocky dogs, and if they are left to their own devices with their eating, especially with a high protein formula, they can overeat and start putting on too much weight. Even if they’re eating the right amount for their size, if they’re not getting enough exercise, it’s just as easy for them to start getting too heavy. 

Exercise & Weight 

A weight management food is helpful for pups who need to lower or manage their weight. It’s lower in fat than most (10%), which means that if your pup isn’t getting exercise due to illness or injury, the easily metabolisable energy that fat provides won’t go to waste (or be stored as fat). 

If your pup is getting exercise but simply eating too much, this is a problem that should be rectified by the pet parent! Eating too much of a weight management food will still be a problem, but if it’s controlled and your pooch is still getting plenty of exercise, you’ll see the weight come off. 

For a dog who is active but simply needs to get down to their goal weight, this food would be a great one to eat for a little while – until they have reached their goal, or until they are able to get back up to a decent level of activity. It may not be a good long-term option for active dogs.

Orijen Biologically Appropriate Dry Dog Food

Best High Protein

Overall Rating88%
Ingredient Quality90%
Protein Content90%
Joint Supplements90%


  • Packed with great quality, biologically appropriate ingredients 
  • Contains good levels of glucosamine & chondroitin to keep joints strong 
  • Contains DHA and EPA, which is more uncommon in adult foods 
  • High in protein and fat, so it’s best for active Pitbulls 


  • May not be suitable for pups who have trouble with poultry 
  • Somewhat pricey option

This high-protein recipe is biologically appropriate and best for Pitbulls who lead an active lifestyle. The protein count comes in at 38%, with the fat hitting 18%. 

There’s enough fat to power your pup throughout the day, and enough protein to maintain muscles and keep them big and strong. It has stuff to help your pup’s body support their active lifestyle, such as joint-strengthening Omegas and also contains helpful fatty acids for a healthy mind. 

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Biologically Appropriate Nutrition 

“Biologically appropriate” means that it’s loaded with ingredients that your pup would eat if they were still an undomesticated canine living in the wild. The logic here is that your dog’s body is still conditioned for this type of food, and we can’t argue – the ingredient list is super quality. 

The focus is on all-natural ingredients, which are usually easily digested and used by your pup’s body.

Blue Buffalo Basics Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diet

Best Low-Protein Option

Overall Rating87%
Ingredient Quality85%
Protein Content85%
Joint Supplements90%


  • Lower in protein for dogs who need less of it (perfect for pups with kidney or liver problems) 
  • Contains no chicken or beef, which is great for dogs with allergies 
  • Good levels of Omegas plus vitamin E for healthy skin 
  • Easy to digest carbs that add antioxidants 


  • Contains carrageenan, which is considered a low-quality filler 
  • Contains potatoes, which some pups can be allergic to 
  • “Fish oil” is a little vague 

Most Pitbulls need a high protein level, but this isn’t true for all of them. If your Pitty has been recommended a low-protein diet by a vet (for whatever reason), this is a great quality food to give them. 

With 22% protein, this is a little below the general minimum of 25%, but it will be right on the button according to AAFCO. 12% fat is above the accepted minimum, and if you find your pup has less energy during the day, you can feed them a high-fat treat or two. 

The Omega levels are great to nourish skin and coat and it also contains a good amount of joint supplements, so your lower-protein Pitty should thrive on this recipe. 

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Why Low Protein? 

A low-protein diet is often recommended for dogs who have kidney or liver problems. Reducing the amount of protein in their diet helps manage symptoms as it takes some pressure off the kidney or liver when it comes to metabolising the proteins. 

This can do wonders for a pet who struggles with their health, as a high-protein diet can take a toll on these organs far more than we parents realise. It’s essential that you don’t decide for yourself, though, that your pooch needs a low-protein diet – it should definitely be recommended by a vet. 

For Dogs With Allergies or Health Conditions 

A limited ingredient diet is great for dog breeds who are prone to allergies, and it also helps relieve some strain on the body in terms of digestion. The less work your pup’s body has to do, the better.

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dry Dog Food

Best Performance Food

Overall Rating81%
Ingredient Quality85%
Protein Content85%
Joint Supplements75%


  • Good protein and fat level for a fairly active Pitbull 
  • High in calories for pups who perform 
  • Nice Omega fatty acid levels for a healthy coat and skin 
  • Aimed at building muscle   


  • No added supplements or extras 
  • Doesn’t contain real meat, just meat meal 
  • Expensive option 

If your Pitbull is performing in competitions or events and you want him or her to build some muscle, this is the food for it. As you can tell from the name, it’s actually geared towards Bully breeds.

The protein comes in at 30%, which is right in the good zone for a Pitbull who is quite active. 20% fat is also good for a pup who expends plenty of energy. Bear in mind that this is meant to be used in conjunction with some sort of exercise and training program!

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Ingredient Quality 

The high protein count in this food comes from chicken meal, so there’s no real meat in this formula. This isn’t necessarily a problem, though – it’s super high in protein and still perfectly healthy. 

This food does contain grains, but they’re the good kinds – brown rice, sorghum, and pearled barley. While it is more unusual to find grains (even the good ones) in a food for Pitbulls due to their tummy troubles, these ones are perfectly acceptable and it really depends on your pup as to whether or not they’re okay with it. 


Although the protein and fat counts are great for performance dogs, it doesn’t contain any extra additions. You will need to buy a separate glucosamine supplement, which is an important one for Pitties as they’re prone to joint dysplasia, particularly if they’re more well-built than average.

Testing Protocol & Criteria Used For Evaluation

Criteria 1 – Ingredient Quality

Feeding your Pitbull something with sub-par ingredients in it is equivalent to doing a “dirty bulk” for bodybuilders – sure, they’ll most likely build muscle, but at what expense to their health?

No matter whether you want your Pitbull to build muscle and compete or simply be a family-friendly cuddlebug, it’s imperative that you choose a food with high-quality, wholesome, natural ingredients.

Premium quality animal proteins, fruits, vegetables, chelated minerals, and useful supplements are what you want to see on an ingredient list in the best dog food for Pitbulls. 

What we don’t want to see? Artificial or synthetic colourants, flavourants, or preservatives, grains containing gluten (corn, wheat, soy), and low-quality fillers. 

This criteria comes before anything else and is the baseline of a great quality dog food. 

Criteria 2 – Protein Content

Because a Pitbull is an incredibly muscular pup, he would benefit from a food that is high in protein. If your Pitty is moderately active, between 25 and 30% is great, but for most Pitbulls who get a good amount of exercise, 30% and upwards is a great number. 

You’ll be looking for a whole animal protein right on the top of the ingredient list. There’s nothing wrong with having multiple protein sources in one food, as long as your pup doesn’t suffer from food allergies. 

Plant protein is okay to see further down the list, but it should definitely not be the first protein. 

We’ve tried to go with foods that avoid common protein allergens or that have a flavour variety that allows for avoidance of potential trouble ingredients. 

Criteria 3 – Joint Supplements

Pitbulls are quite prone to joint problems, and they would definitely benefit from a dose of joint-strengthening supplements to help their joints support all that muscle.

We’ve assessed the glucosamine and chondroitin levels of the foods we’ve reviewed. If a food doesn’t contain these supplements but is still a great one for Pitbulls, we’ve put it on the list and made a note that separate supplementation may be needed. 

We also have a “Best With No Glucosamine” option, just in case you already have a favourite supplemental pill or would prefer not to feed your pup joint supplements, although we do recommend it. 

Pitties are heavy pups, so starting your guy or girl off on glucosamine from puppyhood is a good idea, and carrying on into old age to keep those joints as tough as possible. 

Criteria 4 – Digestibility

Digestibility refers to the amount of nutrition that is absorbed from the food your pup is eating. If most of the nutrients in the ingredients are able to be absorbed and there’s little waste, the digestibility is considered to be high. If the food contains low-quality fillers, it’s considered to be of low digestibility. 

Pitbulls tend to have sensitive tummies and are quite susceptible to food allergies. If you want to keep your pooch in prime condition and as happy and healthy as possible, it would be a great idea to find them a food that is easy to digest. 

This will vary by pup, depending on ingredients that they react badly to, but in general you can get a good idea of the digestibility of a food by looking at the quality of the ingredients. Whole foods are far more digestible than anything artificial, and whole proteins are also slightly more easily digestible than meat meals. 

Grains that contain gluten are generally not easily digested. Chelated minerals are great to see on an ingredient list as they make digestion quite a bit easier. We’ve tried as much as possible to stick to grain-free foods, or at the very least, foods that contain more easily digestible grains, as well as chelated minerals. 

Criteria 5 – Affordability

Our pups rely on us for food, shelter, and love, and our mission as a site is to help you help your dog to live their happiest, healthiest life. But we do care about all you pet parents too, and this criteria is to help you fit your pup’s food into your budget and take some stress off.

We know how pricey it can be to own a fluff – food, toys, bedding, innoculations, and so on. The point of this criteria is to show that you can feed your dog a high-quality meal that satisfies all of their needs without breaking the bank. 

Sure, some of the foods here are on the higher end of the price range, but there are also a few that are far closer to the price of lesser quality foods but still retain all the goodness of a top-tier dog food.

We have analysed the price of each food and we also have a “Best Value For Money” option which is a super quality dog food for a fantastically affordable price. 

Questions & Answers

What are the characteristics of a Pitbull? 

All dogs under the Pitbull category share common characteristics that make them fairly easily identifiable.

Although visual identification is not always the best way to figure out what your dog is, it can be safely assumed that Pitbulls have large, wide heads, and unusually muscular bodies with a stocky stance. 

What dogs fall under the Pitbull category?

The term “Pitbull” is not actually a breed, but rather a dog type, based more on appearance than anything else.

Breeds that fall under this general name include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier (otherwise known as a Staffie). Sometimes the American Bulldog is classed with these, although it is less common as it’s much easier to identify as a specific breed.

Are Pitbulls dangerous?

Pitbulls really have an unlucky and unjust reputation as being dangerous or violent dogs, and this is not necessarily true. Of course, any dog can become aggressive or violent if it has been treated in such a way that causes it to fear humans, whether it’s a Pitbull or a Chihuahua.

Most Bully breed dogs are actually lovable, goofy, family dogs that pose no danger whatsoever. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, studies have not proved this breed or group of breeds to be any more dangerous than other breeds, but the fact that owners of stigmatised dog breeds are more likely to be involved in criminal or violent acts could play a role in the behaviour of many of these dogs. Yes … It’s generally the behaviour of the humans have created this unfair reputation!

In most cases, a pitbull in a loving, playful home will be a big softy and is far more likely to attack you with licks than anything else. 

What are the nutritional requirements of a Pitbull?

Many dog foods sit right in the moderate nutrition zone that AAFCO suggests, which is 18% protein and 5% fat for adults, and 22% protein and 8% fat for puppies.

Pitbulls, however, need a bit more than this. They’re one of the more muscular dogs out there, and so they need at least 25% protein, and active dogs can make good use of 30% and above.

When it comes to fats, Pitbulls need a moderate to high amount, depending on their level of activity. 15 to 25% is a good number, but it should be lower for pups who are less active. Fat is what your pooch will use as energy, so the less energy they expend, the less fat they will need in their diet. 

The ingredients should be high quality, all-natural, real food ingredients. Nothing artificial should be in there, especially as Pitbulls can be prone to food allergies.

The calorie count your Pitbull will need depends on a few things, including their activity level and whether or not they’ve been spayed or neutered. A 70-pound Pitbull needs around 1700 calories, and this could actually be more or less depending on the dog. You should follow the feeding guidelines on the back of whichever food you choose, and keep an eye on how your pooch responds to that. If they begin to look a little chubby, you may want to down it a little, and if you start to see their ribs, you’ll want to feed them a bit more.

What kind of health conditions affect Pitbulls? 

As with all hardworking, hard-playing dogs, the Pitbull tends to have the potential for joint problems such as hip and knee dysplasia. This can lead to arthritis, so it’s best to choose a food that contains ingredients to combat this from early on.

Hypothyroidism is another that is more common than most pet parents realise. This can cause your pup to gain weight and feel terrible (which they can’t tell us they’re feeling), but you can also help prevent or manage this with diet

Allergies are common in these breeds. Although this can be common with certain food ingredients, they can also be allergic to grass, pollen, fleas, the sun, or other random things they come into contact with. It’s a good idea to feed your Pitty a limited ingredient, grain-free, all-natural, hypoallergenic food to limit the chances of food allergies. 

Allergies can also lead to skin infections, because these guys and girls have very thin coats. If allergies are causing them to scratch or develop a rash, you’ll need to try and nip that in the bud before it becomes an open sore. Their sparse coats also mean they are more exposed to the sun, so it’s essential that you make sure your Pitty has shade to lounge around in. 

Other things they tend to be prone to include cataracts, heart problems, obesity (if they don’t get enough exercise), and gastric torsion, which is a dangerous condition that Pitbull owners should be aware of.

What should I consider when looking for the best dog food for Pitbulls? 

To choose the best dog food for Pitbulls, you should pick one with a high-quality animal protein as the first ingredient, easy to digest carbs in the form of fruits and veggies (these also add a great amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants), and no sign of artificial ingredients.

Pitbulls tend to have sensitive tummies, so it’s best to go grain-free. If you would prefer to select a food with grains, they should be gluten-free – avoid wheat, corn, and soy. Oats, rice, millet, sorghum, and quinoa are decent grain sources.

You should also be looking for something that contains glucosamine and chondroitin to strengthen your pup’s joints, good levels of Omega fatty acids to keep their skin nourished (especially as they have a thin coat), and chelated minerals for easier digestion.

Is a raw diet a good option for a Pitbull?

Pitbulls can deal with a good amount of protein, and the more active ones need upwards of 30% protein in their diet. With this in mind, a raw diet could be a good thing for a Pitbull, as long as it’s done right.

You can buy raw food products such as Stella & Chewy’s, or choose a kibble that is infused with raw bits to make it easier to transition over to fully raw. You can also make your own raw food at home