10 Best Dog Food For Boston Terriers (2020 Buying Guide)

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These little black and white pups are affectionately nicknamed “The American Gentlemen”, as their colouring and coat patterns make it look like they’re wearing little fluffy tuxedos.

These charming guys and girls are super affectionate and love companionship with their humans.

They do tend to suffer from various health issues, though, so you’ll need to be aware of that from the beginning. You can get a headstart on their health by choosing one of these kibbles on our list of best dog food for Boston Terriers.

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10 Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers

1. American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Recipe

Best For Skin Allergies: For those who suffer from food allergies that affect their coat and skin

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
Overall Rating91%
Ingredient Quality90%
Fat Count90%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality90%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains95%


  • Great Omega fatty acid levels, from high-quality sources – fantastic for skin and coat allergies
  • Quite affordable for a high-quality, grain-free food
  • No grains included, which is great for Bosties
  • Easily digestible carbs and chelated minerals


  • It may have a fishy smell, due to the salmon content

This food from American Journey is a great option for Boston Terriers who suffer from food allergies that affect their coat and skin and cause itching. The protein and fat numbers are great for active Bosties, so it would suit your pup even if they don’t struggle with allergies. If they do struggle with dry skin and brittle fur, this food is a superb choice due to the premium quality fats and oils that will go a long way towards nourishing your pet’s coat and skin and preventing that itch. 

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Omega Fatty Acid Sources 

Deboned salmon is the first ingredient on the list, which is an amazing protein source but also packs a real punch in terms of Omega fatty acids. Flaxseed and added salmon oil make this filled to the brim with healthy oils, which is great for pups who need a fur and skin boost. These ingredients are superior quality and are very healthy for your pet to be ingesting on a regular basis. 

The guaranteed analysis list shows 2,5% Omega-6 fatty acids, and 1% Omega-3. There’s also a nice extra dose of Vitamin E, which not only helps keep a healthy coat but maintains a strong immune system. Salmon is an amazing ingredient for allergies, and this contains two sources of it, which makes it a superb option for anything hair- and coat-related. 

Other Healthy Ingredients 

This food is really packed full of healthy stuff, and it doesn’t stop at the Omega fatty acids. It has a dose of DHA in it, which is usually an ingredient only found in puppy foods. DHA assists in healthy brain and eye development, so this can only be a good thing for pups who suffer from eye conditions, such as Boston Terriers. 

It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which is helpful for Bosties as they’re prone to knee dislocation and other joint issues. The high-quality ingredients themselves provide a good shot of antioxidant properties, which helps boost the immune system and keep your pooch healthy all-round. 

2. Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Real Meat Recipe

Best Value For Money: Premium quality for its price

Overall Rating91%
Ingredient Quality90%
Fat Count90%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality90%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains90%


  • Super affordable and premium quality for its price
  • Contains no grains, which is unusual for such well-priced dog foods
  • Formulated especially for healthy skin and fur, which is fantastic for Boston Terriers with food allergies
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages and life stages


  • Salmon flavours can be a little smelly – this may not be a problem for your dog but pet parents should be aware!
  • “Fish meal” is a little vague and doesn’t give any insight into what fish the ingredient is

This offering from Diamond Naturals can’t be beaten if you’re looking for a great quality, affordable option to feed your Boston Terrier. You won’t find anything more affordable on the market that contains the same quality ingredients and nutrients. While it is specified to be for skin and coat, this food will benefit your Boston Terrier regardless of whether or not they have allergy-related skin issues. Even if they don’t suffer from itching or dry skin, it’s a great idea to get a head-start and feed them something that will combat the problem before it even starts.

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High Quality, Lower Price 

The ingredient list on this food reads like a premium quality, top-of-the-range dog food, so don’t let the price fool you into thinking this food is of lesser quality. Real meat heads up the list (salmon, which adds a fantastic dose of Omega fatty acids), and potatoes, lentils, peas, and beans follow it up, which are amazing sources of fiber. Carbs show up a little later on the list, including kale, pumpkin, carrots, blueberries, oranges, and coconut, all of which bring a host of healthy, antioxidant properties to this food. 

The remainder of the list contains plenty of chelated minerals, which means this food is quite easily digestible. The absence of any grains is also highly helpful for pups with sensitive digestive systems. The only thing that is slightly questionable is the addition of “fish meal”. Such vague descriptions are usually an indication of a lower quality ingredient, but considering the quality of the rest of the list, this is a negligible worry. 

Formulated For Healthy Skin & Fur 

This recipe is specified to be for healthy skin and coat, and the Omega fatty acid levels are great for that purpose. Salmon, flaxseed, and canola oil contribute to this and promote healthy, soft, supple skin and fur. 

Vitamin A and E both make an appearance on the guaranteed analysis list, which also help keep skin hydrated and hair fluffy. The superfood ingredients that are added have great antioxidant properties, which not only assists with this but also promotes a healthy immune system. This food is super for Bosties of all life stages and is guaranteed to improve their skin and coat even if they don’t specifically suffer from allergies. 

3. Orijen Senior Dry Dog Food

Best For Active Boston Terrier Seniors: Formulated specifically for senior dogs

Overall Rating90%
Ingredient Quality90%
Fat Count90%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality95%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains90%


  • Formulated specifically for senior dogs, and works best for those who are still quite active
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Very nutrient-dense food
  • Contains botanical inclusions for extra nutrients


  • More expensive than many others
  • High calorie, so make sure to do your math

This recipe is aimed at senior dogs, but given the density of it and the calorie count we recommend it for older Boston Terriers who are still fairly active and can burn off those calories. The protein and fat counts are high, which is fantastic for Bosties who still get plenty of exercise. The food contains plenty of good stuff that will help keep your aging BT strong, healthy, and happy.

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Senior-Specific Additions 

Although many additions in dog foods are great no matter the age of the pup eating it, some things are very useful for dogs who are aging. One of those things is glucosamine and chondroitin, which assists in keeping aging joints strong and supple, which is especially good for aging Bosties as they are prone to knee dislocation. 

DHA and EPA are fatty acids that are often found in puppy food for brain and eye development. It’s a great idea to add these to senior-specific food, though, as it gives your oldie’s brain a boost and keeps them sharp. 

Best For Energetic Oldies 

With 38% protein and 15% fat, this food is definitely best for those dogs who are going to make the most of those nutrients by converting them into energy. If your furry friend prefers time on the couch to time in the yard, this may not be for them.

4. Taste Of The Wild Grain-Free Premium High-Protein Puppy Food

Best For Boston Terrier Puppies: Perfect nutrient values for growing puppies

Overall Rating90%
Ingredient Quality90%
Fat Count90%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality90%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains90%


  • Perfect nutrient values for growing Boston Terrier puppies
  • Fairly affordable for its quality
  • Great puppy-specific additions to assist in healthy growth
  • Grain-free and contains chelated minerals, making it easily digestible


  • Some foods may have a bit of a strong smell to them

It’s essential to feed your puppy correctly from the start, so they grow up as healthy as possible and have a great foundation for a healthy, problem-free life. You can’t just feed your puppy a general adult dog food, as they won’t quite be getting the nutrients they need. This puppy food is spot-on when it comes to nutrients, and the ingredient quality is fantastic. Your Boston Terrier puppy will be getting a great, health-promoting meal every time they eat a cup of this kibble.

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Puppy Food Benefits 

As we’ve mentioned before, DHA is an Omega fatty acid that has quite a benefit to puppies specifically. It helps your little guy or girl’s eyes to develop correctly, which is important with Bosties as they are prone to eye problems when they get older. It also helps the brain tissue to develop properly, which will help your pup to have a longer, healthier, and happier life. 

This food contains near-perfect protein and fat values for developing puppies. 28% protein is great for puppies who are growing and spending plenty of time playing, and 17% fat will give them great sustained energy as their day goes. 

Quality Ingredients 

It’s imperative to feed your little Bostie great quality, all-natural ingredients from the beginning of their life. This food contains meat sources such as buffalo, beef, roasted bison and roasted venison, and healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries, raspberries, and tomatoes. These also add a nice splash of antioxidants, and there’s a bunch of chelated minerals in there too which are easy on your puppy’s tummy. 

5. The Honest Kitchen Human-Grade Dehydrated Dog Food

Best For Boston Terriers With Dental Problems: Soft and easy to eat

Overall Rating87%
Ingredient Quality90%
Fat Count90%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality80%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains90%


  • Soft and easy to eat for Bostons with dental problems
  • Added water provides more hydration to your pet
  • Human-grade ingredients, highly digestible
  • The ingredients are dehydrated, which keeps them preserved


  • The grain-free recipes can be a little pricey
  • High calorie, so be careful not to overfeed your pooch

The Honest Kitchen’s foods are perfectly designed for dogs with dental issues, and Boston Terriers are prone to this due to their tiny, oddly shaped mouths. Sometimes kibble can be a problem for them to chew, and this food eliminates that problem. There are grain-free options and recipes with grains (which are cheaper), but the quality of the grains and the fact that they’re dehydrated may make them more digestible for your pup, so don’t discount the grain-containing option!

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Just Add Water 

One of the best things about this food is that all you need to do to prepare it is to add water. You can choose between cold or warm water, and how much you want to add to get it to the right consistency. This is great as it adds a really nice boost to your pet’s hydration. Especially forpets who are fairly active, it can be a challenge to get enough water in during the day. Having a food with such a high moisture content really helps hydrate your pooch, which in turn also helps keep their skin hydrated and their digestive system flowing smoothly. 

A 10-pound bag of this makes 40 pounds of food, which means once you’ve added water, this food will expand quite a bit. This is also awesome for small breed dogs, as one bag should last you quite a long time. It is quite high in calories though, so be careful to feed your pup the right amount for their body and activity level. 

Human-Grade Ingredients  

The ingredients in this food are whole foods, and are perfectly suitable for pet parents to eat as a meal if they feel so inclined. This is a big deal for a dog food – the ingredients are pure enough that they would benefit us humans as well as our pups! They’re also dehydrated, which means they’re preserved without using any artificial stuff at all. 

For pups with sensitive dispositions, this is a high-quality, healthy food packed with nutrients. As long as you’re giving your pooch the right amount for their size and exercise level, they’ll thrive on this easy-to-eat, easy-to-digest dog food. 

6. Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food

Premium Option: Quality all-natural ingredients

Overall Rating86%
Ingredient Quality90%
Fat Count90%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality85%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains90%


  • Super quality all-natural ingredients
  • Air-dried, which is an amazing way of preserving food naturally
  • Has a digestibility score of 95%
  • Ethically sourced ingredients


  • This food is quite pricey, so it may not be an option for everyone
  • The biggest bag available is 2,2 pounds

Ziwi Peak is an all-natural, high-protein, high-fat food that is based on the Whole Prey diet for pets. It’s a great quality food that is packed with meat and contains no grains, meat meals, or artificial ingredients. The ingredients are ethically and responsibly sourced from New Zealand, and also contain New Zealand Green Mussel, which is a unique ingredient but is considered a superfood and is a fantastic source of glucosamine.

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Naturally Preserved

Ziwi Peak uses an unusual air-drying process to preserve their food. It’s dried out in two stages, and this eliminates the need for artificial preservatives to be added. They have added mixed tocopherols, which are natural preservatives, and this simply keeps the food fresher for longer. 

Air-drying helps keep the nutrients of the ingredients “locked in”, as none of it is destroyed or cooked away in the process. That makes this food super nutrient-dense and healthy.

Whole Prey Diet  

This food is based on the Whole Prey diet, which aims to mirror the way dogs used to eat in the wild before they became domesticated. That means this food is filled to the brim with fresh meat, organs, and bone. Generally, dogs thrive on diets such as this, but you’ll need to keep an eye on your pup if you’re transitioning them over to this diet just to be sure. For Boston Terriers, who tend to suffer from sensitive stomachs, this food will give them little reason for their tummies to rebel. 

There are almost no plant-based ingredients, which means no vegetables and fruits. However, the fat count is high, which is awesome for active, exercising Bostons as they’ll burn it off as energy. This food is also highly digestible, meaning that it should be a great option for Bosties, providing them all the energy they need, as well as great, natural protein.

7. Zignature Trout & Salmon Meal Formula

Best For Bostons With Sensitive Stomachs: Limited ingredient formula

Overall Rating86%
Ingredient Quality85%
Fat Count90%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality85%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains90%


  • Limited ingredient formula, which helps allergies of any kind
  • Two healthy fish protein and fatty acid sources
  • Grain-free, hypoallergenic recipe
  • Chelated minerals assist with digestion


  • A little pricey
  • May have a fishy smell

This recipe from Zignature is super for pups with sensitive tummies. The protein and fat counts are great for Bostons, and the quality ingredients coupled with being grain-free is super helpful for fussy dispositions. It also contains plenty of stuff that helps skin and fur-related food allergies, so you can count on this one being as healthy as possible for both allergies and food intolerances.

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Limited But Quality Ingredients 

For sensitive stomachs, a limited ingredient diet is always a good idea. The fewer ingredients your pup’s stomach needs to digest, the less chance there is of them having a bad reaction. The protein sources here are superior quality, and have the added bonus of doubling up as amazing sources of fats and oils. Trout and salmon meal are both fantastic sources of both protein and Omega fatty acids, and are easy to digest, making these both super choices. Salmon oil and flaxseed add to the fatty acid count, which can only be a good thing. 

High Protein & Fat 

This recipe contains 30% protein, which is super for bouncy Bosties. They’ll work it off in no time, and their bodies will be glad for the natural fats and oils coming from the fish. 14% fat is a good number, and comes from great sources that you can be happy feeding your sensitive pup. Chelated minerals are also present, which makes quite a difference in digestion.

8. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight Small Breed

Best Weight Management Dog Food: Good calorie count for weight loss

Overall Rating85%
Ingredient Quality85%
Fat Count90%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality85%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains80%


  • Lower in protein and fat than others, which is great for weight management
  • Good calorie count for weight loss
  • Contains L-carnitine for easier energy metabolism
  • Contains glucosamine for strengthening joints (great for pets with some extra weight)


  • May not be suitable for your pooch if they are sensitive to grains

Boston Terriers tend to be lively little things, but when they start to slow down they can be prone to picking up weight if their diet isn’t adjusted. We recommend this food for Bosties who are overweight and need to be on a weight-management diet. The calories are slightly reduced, but the biggest difference is the fat count. Pets who carry extra weight are usually less active, and so need less fat as energy.

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Great Weight-Management Nutrient Counts 

With 25% protein and 10% fat, this will still offer the necessary nutrients to keep your fluff full and healthy, but at reduced numbers in order to keep your pet from overeating. While this is great, it’s still best to use this in conjunction with increased exercise to assist in shedding the pounds. 

Extra Health-Promoting Ingredients 

The addition of L-carnitine is super for weight management, as it helps to maintain healthy energy levels and metabolism. Glucosamine and chondroitin keep your little pet’s joints strong even if they are carrying some extra weight.

9. Nature’s Recipe Senior Dry Dog Food

Best For Less Active Boston Terrier Seniors: Easily digestible

Overall Rating84%
Ingredient Quality85%
Fat Count85%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality75%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains85%


  • Good quality ingredients, even the grains
  • Quite easily digestible
  • Good calorie count for seniors
  • Lower in protein, which is great for less active Bosties


  • “Poultry digest” is a vague description that doesn’t give much info on the ingredient

Although this food does contain grains, they’re the easily digestible, healthy kind. As long as your senior Boston Terrier has a tough tummy, this food will be great for them and will give them all the nourishment they need. The protein and fat counts are lower than others, which makes it perfect for less active seniors as they don’t need as much as active pups. If you don’t adjust your pup’s food as they get older and less active, you may find they start to become a little overweight as they’re eating more than they’re burning. This food is a great one to feed pets who aren’t burning as much energy as they used to.

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Meat Meal For Easy Digestibility 

Although this dog food contains meat meal rather than real meat, it’s a totally acceptable substitute, especially for seniors. Meat meal is higher in protein than real meat, and is also very easy to digest. As dogs age, their stomachs can start to get fussy about things like meat which can be harder on the tummy when it comes to digestion. Meat meal is a great option for seniors to make it as easy as possible for them to get a good protein count while not having to struggle to digest meat. 

Contains Healthy Grains 

This food does contain grains, but they’re good ones – rice, barley, and oatmeal. Although Bosties do tend to have wonky stomachs, not all of them are going to struggle with grains that are the good quality kinds. These are actually great, easily-digestible carbohydrate sources, so it’s not likely that your old guy or girl will have problems with them. Of course, this is quite an individual thing, so you’ll need to be aware of how your pooch is reacting to them. 

Another great thing about having healthy grains in a dog food is that they’re a fantastic source of fiber, which is also a necessary thing as a pup gets older.

10. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

Best Limited Ingredient Dog Food: Limited but high-quality ingredient list

Overall Rating84%
Ingredient Quality90%
Fat Count80%
Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality80%
Grain-Free or Healthy Grains90%


  • Limited but high-quality ingredient list
  • Various flavours available
  • Chelated minerals are great for helping digestion


  • A little expensive
  • Lower in protein and fat than others (if your pup is active, they may not be getting enough)
  • May have a fishy smell (and cause fish-breath in your pup)

We’ve chosen the sweet potato and fish flavour to review as sweet potato gives your pooch sustained energy throughout the day, and fish is an amazing source of both protein and Omega fatty acids. Of course, you’re welcome to select another recipe for your fluff, but this review is based on the sweet potato and fish flavour. Limited ingredient diets are great for pups who have sensitive stomachs or health problems. If your vet has recommended a limited ingredient diet for your pet, this food is a great one to choose. 

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Limited Ingredients Soothe Tummies 

The fewer ingredients your pup’s food is comprised of, the easier it is for them to avoid bad reactions. These types of food are typically made up of fewer than 10 ingredients, and in this case, the whole food ingredients really only consist of 9, including natural flavour and salt. 

Sweet potato is a super carb source and is slow-burning, which will give sustained energy. Salmon and Menhaden fish meal are great fish sources. All in all, this ingredient list is made to be easy on the stomach, and you won’t go wrong feeding this to your pooch if they’ve been recommended a limited ingredient food. 

Testing Protocol & Criteria Used For Evaluation

Criteria 1 – Ingredient Quality

This is the criteria that can make or break a dog food. If it’s not made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, then you shouldn’t be feeding it to your pup! 

We’ve had a look at the ingredient list and assessed the quality of the stuff on there. We’ve looked for real meat, quality carbs (fruits and vegetables, no grains), healthy fat sources, and any additions that promote your pet’s health.

The order in which they’re listed also makes a difference – the nutrient-dense, healthy meats and veggies should be upfront, with meat preferably coming in as ingredient number one. 

Things like sodium content, digestibility, and vitamins and minerals are also important here.

We’ve chosen to only review foods with superior quality ingredients, so whichever one on this list you’re looking at, you can rest assured it has passed the ingredient quality test.

Criteria 2 – Fat Count

Fat is an underrated nutrient in dog food. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s going to make your dog gain weight. It’s actually a fantastic source of energy as it’s easily burnt off, so a good fat count is essential. 

Pups who are active will need a higher fat content in their food as they’ll be using it up fairly quickly for energy. Less active or older dogs will need a slightly lower number. 

We’ve reviewed foods here that contain at least 10% fat, unless otherwise specified. It will be up to you to decide what your dog’s needs are and which food would be best, but trust us, a higher fat count is not at all a bad thing, so there’s no need to worry if you see something in double figures. 

Criteria 3 – Omega Fatty Acid Content & Quality

Boston Terriers can be prone to food allergies and intolerances, and while this most often affects their stomach and their digestion, it can also have an effect on the hydration of their skin and the softness of their fur. 

Food allergies can cause dry skin and brittle, rough fur. This causes your pooch to itch, and nothing ruins a pup’s natural good mood like being constantly itchy! While this can be remedied to an extent by using a hypoallergenic shampoo or things like that, making sure your pet’s diet is packed with Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids is a great way to combat these allergies from the inside out. 

Omega fatty acids help hydrate the skin and fur, keeping the itching to a minimum. You can find the Omega numbers on any ingredient list, and we’ve made sure each food on this list contains a good dose of them.

Criteria 4 – Grain-Free or Healthy Grains

Boston Terrier’s tummies are notoriously fussy about grains. Although there are bad grains (wheat, corn, soy) and good grains (barley, oatmeal, rice, millet), we’ve chosen to review mostly grain-free foods on this list, unless otherwise specified. 

In cases where the dog food we’ve reviewed does contain healthy grains, we’ve explained why this may be a good idea for certain Bosties. Every Boston Terrier is different, so it will be up to you to choose something that works for your little guy or girl, but we’ve tried to go grain-free as far as possible on this list.

Criteria 5 – Affordability

Affordability is always a factor – maybe not for your pooch, but definitely for pet parents. The best situation is where pup and owner are happy, and remember – your dog picks up on your feelings far easier than you realise! We’ve chosen to add this to our criteria as we believe that both pet and parent should be happy about the food the pup is eating, and for as many reasons as possible. 

While some of the foods reviewed here are more on the pricey side, they are worth every penny you spend on them because of their amazing quality. Don’t worry if the price is a bit too much, though – there are also some fantastic options here that are high on the quality and lower on the price. We’ve made sure to include something for everyone, without compromising on quality.

Questions & Answers

What should I look for in the best dog food for Boston Terriers?

If you want to feed your Boston Terrier the best food for his or her health, you’ll want to choose something all-natural, packed with nutrients (in the form of real meat, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fat sources), and devoid of grains, artificial ingredients, and low-quality fillers. 

You should look for real meat or meat meal as ingredient number one, healthy carbs such as veggies and fruits, identifiable and natural sources of fat, and chelated minerals (these help with digestibility).

How often should I feed my Boston Terrier?

Boston Terrier puppies will need to be fed 3 to 4 times a day from the age of about 6 weeks. Remember to work out how many calories are appropriate for your pup and split it across their meals! Puppies will need more calories per pound of bodyweight than adults, as they’re likely to be more active and they’re still growing. 

From about 8 to 10 weeks you can start transitioning your pup to 2 meals a day. Do this slowly, so they have time to get used to it. From here, it is up to you whether you move them over to one meal a day or keep it at 2. Generally, because Bosties are quite active, we recommend that you feed them twice a day.

How many calories per pound of bodyweight does a Boston Terrier need?

These little breeds need around 40 calories per pound if they’re active. Less active or older dogs would do better with 30 calories per pound of body weight per day. 

Keep in mind that once you’ve done the math, you’ll need to split this over however many meals you’re feeding your BT during the day. For example, if your Bostie needs 800 calories and you’re feeding him twice, you’ll need to do your best to stick to 400 calories per meal. This will obviously depend on your pup, his lifestyle, and his feeding habits. 

Be conscious of the fact that these pooches can be prone to weight gain as they get older and become less busy. You’ll need to adjust their calories if you notice your BT is starting to pack on the pounds.

What are the diet requirements for Boston Terriers?

Bostons, like all dogs, need a high-quality, animal-protein-based, all-natural diet. 

Choosing a food with an identified, great quality animal protein is essential, as your pup can’t quite get all the nutrients they need from plant proteins. Real meat or meat meal should be the first ingredient, as should be followed with healthy fruits and vegetables – no grains for Boston Terriers! It’s best to stay away from even the gluten-free kind, as these little fluff’s tummies can be rebellious. 

Adults should be eating a food that contains a minimum of 20% protein, although you can up this quite a bit depending on their activity levels. The more active they are, the more they’ll be able to metabolize and use, and the less active they are the lower you’ll want that number to be. Puppies need quite a bit and can make do with around 28%. 

A moderate fat count is acceptable for slower, less bouncy Bosties, and should be at least 5%. Energetic Bostons can use up to 15% fat in their food, as this is a great energy source and is burnt off quickly if they’re exercising.

What ingredients should I not feed my Boston Terrier?

Bosties tend to react badly to grains, although gluten-free grains are better than others for their tummies. It’s best to avoid grains altogether, though, as these guys’ stomachs can be quite fussy. 

It’s also a good idea to avoid feeding your Boston Terrier a wet or canned dog food. There are no particular ingredients here that we recommend staying away from, but wet foods in general can encourage halitosis (bad breath), and in dogs such as Bosties where dental disease is already something to be careful of, owners definitely don’t need anything contributing. 

Apart from that, steer clear of any artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Your terrier should be quite okay with an all-natural diet.

What common health problems do Boston Terriers suffer from?

Boston Terriers fall into the brachycephalic category, which means they are short-nosed dogs. Unfortunately, these pups can suffer from a host of health problems due to the shape of their face, as well as some others than have nothing to do with their noses and are just general breed-specific health issues. 

Brachycephalic syndrome is a collection of disorders that are common in these types of breeds. These are disorders that affect the dog’s breathing, and this is usually because the abnormal structure of their faces means that the normal breathing mechanisms don’t work quite the same way as dogs with longer noses. If you own one of these short-nosed pups, you’ll most likely already know that they are noisy breathers, and this is why. 

These guys and girls can also suffer from eye problems, which is also because of the shape of their face. Their eyes tend to protrude more than average, which means they are at risk of a few dangers. Eyes not closing fully, turned-in eyelids, nasal fold irritation (rubbing on the eye), or proptosis (the eyeball popping out) are all things you’ll need to be aware of. Cataracts and corneal ulcers are also common. 

Other more common things that your Bostie could suffer from include patellar luxation (kneecap dislocation), Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease (hip joint degeneration), skin fold infections, dental disease and halitosis (due to their mouths being smaller than average but still having to fit the same amount of teeth in there!), and intestinal issues brought on by food allergies. They’re also very prone to overheating as they can’t breathe fast enough to cool themselves down.