Best Dog Breeds

Most Popular Types of Dogs

Did you know that the American Kennel Club officially recognizes 190 different dog breeds? How many of them can you name off the top of your head? 

While it’s hard to pick a favorite—every breed has adorable puppy dog eyes and a happy wagging tail—there are certain ones that make the list of most popular types of dogs time and time again. 

Here are some of the best dog breeds, and some specifics for certain personality types.



Goofy, adorable, and high-energy

Boxers are among the best dog breeds for new pet owners. They’re high-energy and very goofy, so you’ll get plenty of laughs. 

As well as keeping you entertained with his antics, a Boxer is courageous and makes a good watchdog. Despite their silliness, they’re muscular and tough dogs, and very alert about what’s going on around them. 

Their playful nature makes them great with kids. The two of them can help each other burn off excess energy! 

Another bonus to having one of these pups is that they shed very little. Just make sure you’re feeding them well, giving them plenty of exercise and love, and they’ll be happy!

Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd

Beautiful, eye-catching dogs that need exercise

Australian Shepherds are working dog breeds. That means they need a good bit of exercise every day. They’d be one of the best dog breeds for families with children who can run that extra energy off! 

They’re actually herding dogs, and are often known as being a “cowboy dog”. If you have a few children, your Aus Shepherd is likely to herd them! 

Although they do need regular physical activity, they’re quite self-sufficient too. Families who don’t have someone at home all day will find that their Australian Shepherd is quite happy with his own company, but he’ll look forward to a good run when you get home!



Deceivingly energetic when they want to be

It’s worth knowing upfront that a Peke may not make a great family dog. They generally form a close bond with a single person, and aren’t afraid to show their ownership! 

However, these dogs are one of the more underrated pets. They come in a variety of coats types and colors, and do require regular grooming as they shed. But they strike a perfect balance between being chilled and being active. 

They’d be one of the best dog breeds for someone who lives alone and perhaps in a smaller apartment. Throw them a toy to see their bouncy side come out, but they’ll also be more than happy to cuddle up to you while you watch a movie.



Needs space, great for cuddles

Newfoundlands are not small. These gentle giants can weigh up to 150 pounds! Despite that, they make wonderful family dogs, and have earned the nickname “nanny dog” for their watchfulness over kids. 

You may be surprised to learn that these big fellows are adept swimmers and love a good bit of exercise. They’re a good choice if your kids are a bit older and can handle a possibly excitable and over-friendly Newfie of 150 pounds bounding at them! 

Regular grooming is a must, or that coat will turn into dreadlocks (not in a good way).

Fox Terrier

fox terrier

Bouncy and small, make great watchdogs

If you’d prefer a small breed, the Fox Terrier is an active little thing that’s like a less buzzed version of a Jack Russell. 

These pups come in smooth-haired and wire-haired versions. Both tend to shed, so a weekly brush is a good idea to remove loose fur. 

They’re little hunters, so be prepared for them to gift you with the occasional mouse or bird. Because of their hunting background, they require a fair bit of exercise despite being little. 

They do make good family pets, but they’re not as affectionate as other dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

golden retriever

High-energy and very trainable

Golden Retrievers are similar to Labrador Retrievers, just without quite the same level of boisterousness. They’re a fun-loving breed who are eager to please their humans. This makes them very trainable. 

They’re also excellent with children, and are known for their “soft jaws”. They’ll happily spend hours in the pool with your kids, or romping around the back yard. 
Feed them carefully and ensure they get adequate physical activity to prevent them becoming overweight. Regular brushing is also a good idea!



Extremely intelligent, with a hypoallergenic coat

You may be surprised to learn that the Poodle was originally bred as a retriever, to fetch ducks on the hunt. This popular breed is filled with working-dog energy, and are supremely intelligent. These traits make them fairly easy to train, as they learn fast. 

According to the AKC, poodles come in toy, miniature, and standard varieties. They differ somewhat in energy levels and temperament, so you should find a poodle to suit you no matter your situation.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

Make wonderful cuddlers

Spaniels are super cuddly dogs. They strike a healthy balance between being cuddlers and being the energetic working dogs they’re bred to be. 

Thanks to their lovely natures, Spaniels are really good with children. Choose your Spaniel wisely, though! A Cocker Spaniel will need more time outside being active than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and they differ in size too. 
They can have sensitive tummies and need plenty of grooming, but you won’t get a more loving companion.

Best Dogs Breeds by Lifestyle/Personality 

If you’re thinking on getting or adopting a dog, choosing which one to bring home with you can be quite tricky. They’re all so irresistibly cute and… well, that’s it!

But unless you’re taking in a rescued or stray dog, you really need to put some thought into choosing which particular breed is going to suit your lifestyle.

Each dog breed has its own characteristics that dog owners must adjust to if they wish to give their pup the best experience they possibly could at home.

Whether it’s their activity level, certain diet, temperament, and other environmental factors – making sure their pet is well taken care of is every dog owner’s responsibility.

To help you decide which fur ball is a great fit for you and your lifestyle, here are a few things you need to consider:

Apartment Dwellers

If you live in a small space, it’s only fair to share it with a smaller dog breed! Don’t just go by size, though. For example, terrier breeds are little but they won’t survive being cooped up. 

Try to choose a small breed that’s known for not needing too much physical activity and will still have enough space in the house. 

Consider: Pug, French Bulldog, Basset Hound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bichon Frise


The best dog breeds for families with kids will be loving, gentle dogs. Activity levels can vary, depending on the nature of your kids. 

Try to match the dog with their child’s activity levels. If the kid is an outdoorsy, fresh air kind of child who’s very active, something like a Golden Retriever would be best. 

For the less busy, more quiet kids, an Irish Setter or Spaniel would be a good dog choice. 

Consider: Beagles, Spaniels, Portuguese Water Dog, Labrador Retriever, Alaskan Malamute, French Bulldog, Irish Setters, American Bulldogs

People with Allergies 

Even if you’re a dog lover, that fur can kick off terrible allergies. Choosing a dog with hypoallergenic fur and one that doesn’t shed much is the best way to go. 

You’ll have to do your research if you have a particular dog in mind, to see whether their coat is hypoallergenic or not, and how they shed. 

Consider: Wheaten Terrier, Havanese, Afghan Hound, Bichon Frise, Basenji, Irish Setter


Adopting A Dog

If your life is abuzz with new people and old friends visiting, a friendly dog is the best idea! Nobody wants their pooch getting aggressive or freaked out at a constant stream of people. Although any dog has the potential to be a friendly pup, these are the dogs we recommend. 

Consider: Beagles, Pitbulls, Pugs, Portuguese Water Dogs, Golden Retrievers, American Bullies


Those who prefer not to leave the house and the company of their dogs, you might want a cuddly, even-tempered dog you can spend hours on end with. Here are some dogs who would fit the bill, from the little Brussels Griffon to the large Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Consider: Brussels Griffon, Bernese Mountain Dog, Pekingese, Pomeranians

Puppy Lovers

Love Pet

Like people, some dogs just never grow up! If you’re looking for a pup who will retain that goofy, puppy enthusiasm while staying adorable these are some you should be checking out. 

Consider: Beagle, Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, Dalmatians, West Highland Terrier


Do you do a lot of physical activity? You’d do well with a dog who can keep up with you. Choose one of these dogs, who are known for their bounciness and love of a decent run, romp, or chase. 

Consider: Irish Setter, Border Collie, Alaskan Malamute, Golden Retriever, Husky, Jack Russell

Expect Accidents


Don’t assume that because a dog isn’t on a “best dog breeds” list, it’s not a great choice! These lists are hard to compile, and go mostly according to dog ownership data. 

Every breed can be a wonderful companion. It’s up to you to give your dog as much love and care as possible so they turn into a loving, happy pup!

Mike Powell

Mike is an avid dog lover and writer. He’s based in Los Angeles, CA where he grew up in a household surrounded by pets. He’s been a dog owner all his life and he uses this extensive experience of having dogs as part of his family to share valuable, practical tips to improve other people’s dog parenting experience.