Welcome to the Dog Embassy

Django loves the beach (he’s the one on the left).

Welcome to my website! You can call me Mike. I am from the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California in the United States.

I’m both a dog fanatic and a writer, and I’ve done my best to mix those two passions into something interesting and helpful on this site.

I’ve owned dogs for pretty much all my life, and they’ve been there for me in a way that no human has. My dogs have supported me in tough moments, shared my excitement on happy occasions, and been there to comfort me when I’ve needed a shoulder to cry on.

I fully consider them part of my family, as well as some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had.

Spending so much time with my dogs helped me to learn rapidly what made them happy, what caused them discomfort, and what they just didn’t enjoy at all. There is no magic recipe that caters for all dogs, but I’ve known many – and they’re great teachers.

Whether it’s receiving love from their human, effective ways of training, or making sure they get the right nutrition to live as healthy a life as possible, I quickly picked up what worked for them and how to treat them to help them live long and happy lives.

Chatting with friends, surfing the net, and watching TV, however, made me realise that a lot of pet parents out there don’t know this magic information – what their pup wants and needs to be happy, healthy, and content. That inspired me to start sharing what I have learned with others – and this blog came to life.

At Dog Embassy, our mission is to help you be the best dog parent you can be by focusing on the right nutrition, exercise, and accessories for your furry friend.

After many hours of research, it became clear that nutrition plays an extremely important role in providing your dog the energy to live his or her life – and exercise helps them to remain in prime condition and decreases chances of health problems. Accessories – well, they’re a luxury, but we all want our pets to be comfortable and have fun too.

Nothing beats a chilled afternoon in the park with my best bud!

How Can I Help You?

You may be wondering how this is relevant to you.

Well, it’s simple: as part of my mission to turn you into the perfect dog parent, I will be your guinea pig. I’ll be reviewing pet products for you, so you can make informed decisions when the time comes to buy your pet’s supplies.

Imagine: no more trial and error at the store when picking pet products. I’ll be here to make sure every calorie your dog eats is of the highest quality for its health, every exercise they do is beneficial, and whatever treats, toys, bedding, or other things you choose for them will improve their quality of life.

Watch out on the blog for dog food reviews, unique exercise ideas, and product comparisons!

I also contribute sometimes on other articles, such as:

Get in touch with me at +1-531-365-0209 or send me a mail to our office address: 9169 W State St #782, Garden City, ID 83714.