A Review Of PupPod

PupPod – Keep Your Pup Busy While You’re Working From Home

Figuring out how to work from home effectively is not easy. It’s even harder when you’re trying to juggle virtual business meetings, getting stuff done, and looking after a demanding pup! 

Pups who would usually be running off their excess energy at doggy daycare are now sitting next to you in your makeshift office. Whether you’re new to this home-work thing or you’ve been doing it for years, the problem is the same – while pet parents are trying to be productive, all pups want to do is play! 

Thankfully, I’ve found the perfect tool to keep active dogs busy without sacrificing your productivity. Say hello to the PupPod. 

PupPod Wobbler – Puzzles For Smart Pups 

This deceivingly simple toy offers hours of interactive game play for your pooch that focuses on problem-solving skills. Yes, pups need problem-solving skills too! They’ll need to figure out the correct action in response to the PupPod’s sound, and when they do the right thing, they’ll get a treat. 

It’s one of the most high-tech dog toys I’ve come across, using a combination of lights and sounds to keep your pooch interested. It’s amazing for positive reinforcement too, teaching dogs that certain sounds should be reacted to and others shouldn’t. 

PupPod Mobile App 

Link up to your smartphone, and you’ll get a notification every time your dog gets the puzzle right. This is your cue to toss him a healthy treat

As your dog gets better at the game, he can progress through difficulty levels. This isn’t just a static toy – it’s a comprehensive brain-stimulating system! 

PupPod & Pet Tutor 

If you need to be away from your smartphone or have a video call, your pup can still have playtime. You can get PupPod with Pet Tutor – an automatic treat dispenser that does the rewarding for you. It even has silent modes for when work requires video calls, or you’re trying to focus on a project. 

It’s pretty versatile too. You can create some even more fun, energy-filled games to tire your dog out, like a Doggie-Stairmaster. Or, if you have some time and energy, a pup obstacle course! Simply leave one half of the game in one spot (for example, the treat dispenser) and move the PupPod around – around the corner, up some steps, or even in a different room entirely. 

Why Choose PupPod? 

This impressive little toy will: 

  • Improve your dog’s cognitive skills. 
  • Encourage positive reinforcement. 
  • Alleviate your pup’s boredom. 
  • Tire pups out so they sleep better. 
  • Keep pup parents sane! 


If I had to throw away all my dog’s toys but one, PupPod is what he’d be playing with for the rest of his life! It’s not only mentally stimulating, but it’s also just good fun for the pup in your life. 

It’s a great tool to have to keep your pup busy while working from home – whether you’re new to this lifestyle or have been searching for a solution for years!